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Important Homeowners' Instructions -
How to Prepare for the Home Inspection

You have likely landed on this page because CNHInspections has been hired to perform an inspection on your home. We realize that we will be guests in your home, and we will conduct ourselves with the utmost respect for your property! Our goal is for the inspection to go as smoothly as possible, and for us to be able to perform the inspection without limitations. In order to prepare your home for the inspection, please read through the following guidelines regarding the inspection process.

Thank you!


Inspection Time Frame

On a typical size home our inspections last approximately 4 hours. If a sewer scope inspection is also being performed this can add up to an hour to the inspection time. Please note that each home is unique and inspection times vary. The inspection may take longer than the typical 4 hours. Some aspects that may extend the inspection time are crawlspaces, decks, older homes, larger homes etc. We want homeowners to be aware of the average inspection time frame in order to be prepared and not inconvenienced.

We have experienced situations that have limited our inspections in the past. Therefore, to prevent limitations and to ensure we are able to fully inspect the property, we ask the following requirements:

  • Please ensure that moving day does not occur during the scheduled inspection time.

  • Please ensure that family gatherings do not occur during the scheduled inspection time.

  • We do not require that homeowners leave the property during the inspection, therefore homeowners are welcome to be at their home during the inspection. However, if the property is currently being occupied by tenants/renters we do require for the home to be vacant during the inspection. Unfortunately, we have experienced numerous issues in the past while inspecting homes that are occupied by tenants. In order to ensure we are able to perform the inspection without limitations, we ask that you please ensure the tenants adhere to this requirement.



  • Please keep pets secured in a way that will not limit our inspection.

  • Please ensure the water, electricity, and gas to the home are on. Please also ensure all shut-off valves and/or breakers are in the on position, if safe to do so.

  • Please make sure all attic access panel(s) and crawlspace panel(s) are accessible and that no personal belongings are blocking them. If an attic access is located in the garage, please ensure no vehicles are parked underneath the access. If any attic or crawlspace access is screwed, painted, caulked, sprayed or sealed shut in any manner, please have it unscrewed and/or opened prior to the inspection.

  • Please make sure the electrical panel, water heater and furnace are accessible and that no personal belongings are blocking them.

  • Please ensure we have access to detached structures such as a detached garage. Remember to leave a key or a garage door opener for detached structures.

  • Remember to leave fresh cookies on the counter for the inspector, as inspecting is hard work! Just kidding :) Don't stress, we do our best to make sure every inspection goes as smoothly as possible. As guests in your home we also do our best to respect your property. We take measures to leave your home in the condition we found it. Some measures include wearing dedicated interior shoes with shoe coverings to ensure we do not soil your floor coverings, using drop clothes underneath attic accesses to ensure insulation does not fall onto your floor covering, resetting the thermostat and tested GFCI's, and ensuring light fixtures, water fixtures and the oven/cooktop are off. 

Thank you for your understanding and consideration. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at 402-460-0838 or by email at

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